Sundrop Windflower prints available NOW!

Sundrop Windflower six-color hand pulled limited edition silkscreen fine art print. Measures 24" x 18" and fits standard frames. Printed by Kayrock Editions in Brooklyn, Feb. 2018. BONUS! For a limited time, each Sundrop Windflower is shipped with a FREE Alphabet City poster! 

Orchid Panel II - HOW TO (updating...)

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The Shack, Star Island

Pell house "The Shack" on Star Island (Isle of Shoals) pen & ink on 20" x 20" paper. Watercolor comes next. Loads of technical mistakes on this (some of which I frustratingly can't not-see whenever I look at it) but just as much learning from those errors to apply to another one. "Hang in there, little kitty!" More from Star Island.

Pink Flowerball on View!


On view for all High Line park visitors (on 26th Street) until March 3 at Ryan/Lee Gallery. How it was mede video, here.

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